"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." Robert Frost

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I’ve managed to work “sun’s out guns out” into polite conversation twice today and it’s only 1:00 pm AND it’s raining here.

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*dentist shoots you*
you are bleeding because you reblogged that joke about flossing

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So my mom and I are maybe gonna do some personal training sessions together.

We were talking with the trainer and he asked what my goals were and I didn’t really know for sure. Like, I definitely like being strong/want to get stronger. 

But also I want to lean out and work on some symmetry/aesthetic type stuff too. Not that those things are necessarily mutually exclusive, it just makes my goals kind of fuzzy. 

Like basically, I kind of want to look like a bodybuilder without being a bodybuilder and also be strong as fuck. 

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My birthday present to my self came today which is cool for two reasons.
1. Presents
2. I figured out why I felt like such total shit yesterday.
My present is a heart rate monitor and I used to today during my workout. The results showed that I have been hugely underestimating the number of calories I’m burning at the gym. As a result, I’ve been undereating by like 300 calories a day for almost 2 weeks.
Excited to use this and tighten my shit up at the gym.

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Feel like I’ve been making insane progress at the gym these last two and a half weeks. I have gotten much stronger in all my lifts and I can tell I’m leaning out. But I hit a fucking wall today. Zero energy. Had a shit workout this morning. Insatiable hunger and cravings for shitty food all day. 


I’m afraid to give in to this because I will start as, “Just take one day to recoup and do what you gotta do,” to “Well, ate like shit yesterday, no point in eating well today since tomorrow’s my birthday and Sunday is Easter” and it just becomes this huge cycle of self-defeat and destroyed progress. 

I just feel tired and out of sorts :(