"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." Robert Frost

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Feel like I’ve been making insane progress at the gym these last two and a half weeks. I have gotten much stronger in all my lifts and I can tell I’m leaning out. But I hit a fucking wall today. Zero energy. Had a shit workout this morning. Insatiable hunger and cravings for shitty food all day. 


I’m afraid to give in to this because I will start as, “Just take one day to recoup and do what you gotta do,” to “Well, ate like shit yesterday, no point in eating well today since tomorrow’s my birthday and Sunday is Easter” and it just becomes this huge cycle of self-defeat and destroyed progress. 

I just feel tired and out of sorts :( 

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I have trust issues with My Fitness Pal

I am 8 grams short of my carbs goal, and 1 short for both protein and fats. So 4 cal/gram of carbs and protein and 9/gram for fat means 45 calories short of my goal for the day. But MFP is saying I am still 161 calories short. That is not how you math, My Fitness Pal. 

I’m hoping that the misinformation is just totaling up calories incorrectly and that the majority of the macronutrient info is right. I try to scan stuff and compare what MFP comes up with to the packaging as often as possible so I don’t know…I’m hoping it’s probably okay? 

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